Ensure a bright future with investment giving.

For 30 years you have invested in conservation initiatives led by the Bitterroot Water Partnership. As the only organization dedicated exclusively to protecting and restoring the Bitterroot Watershed, we are dedicated to ensuring clean and abundant water remains in the Valley.    

With 31 impaired streams and mounting pressure from a changing area and climate, we must look to how we will protect the Bitterroot watershed for the next 30 years.  

By making an investment gift, you can ensure the health of the Bitterroot for generations to come. Investment giving provides a solid foundation for our work together, allowing BWP to respond to unforeseen threats, and continue our work to restore clean waters, promote abundant water, establish healthy habitats, and empower watershed stewards.  

 Gift of Stock or mutual fund

Donating stock is one of the smartest ways to give – and it benefits you while supporting BWP!

By donating assets that have appreciated for more than a year, you can give more than if you sold that stock and made a cash donation. When you donate appreciated stock, you avoid capital gains tax on the growth in your stock’s value and can also deduct 100% of the total current value of your contribution – that’s tax savings two ways!

For transfer information, please reach out to our Development Coordinator via the button below or by sending an email to rachel@bitterrootwater.org.

Donor Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is like an investment account specifically to support charitable organizations you care about. It is a simple, tax efficient way to give back to the Bitterroot Water Partnership. If you have a DAF with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, or BNY Mellon, you can use the widget below to initiate a grant recommendation

to initiate a grant recommendation with another bank, please provide your financial adviser with the following information:
Legal Organization Name: Bitterroot Water Partnership
Located: 162 S 2nd St Hamilton, MT 59840
Federal Tax ID: EIN 43-2000515